Aura Colors and How To Care For Your Aura

Many years ago, I was at a local psychic fair with a friend. There was a booth with a special camera that was able to read aura colors. I asked the aura reader about the camera, and she told me about Kirlian photography. It was my first time having my aura read and to be honest; I was more than skeptical. But I was open to new ideas, so I paid $20 for the aura reading. When it was my turn, I stood in front of the black velvet curtain while the aura reader used the camera to photograph me.

She handed me a Polaroid-like photo that showed my face and body in darker colors, with “wispy clouds” of orange and bright yellow swirling around my body. A turquoise aura energy emanated from my head.

My friend had different colors on her photo: her snapshot showed both a magenta aura and a purple aura around her entire body. We asked about the reader for the meaning of the aura colors, and she handed us each a sheet with meanings assigned to each particular color.

Ever since then, I’ve been learning about auras and aura colors, and the different ways they impact the nervous system and the human body. 

outline of a woman's body with clouds of energy swirling about in various aura colors

What Is An Aura and Why Are Auras Important?

An aura is an invisible energy field surrounding our physical bodies and all living things. Every living being has an aura that acts like an electromagnetic field, and a person’s aura behaves like a spiritual protective shield on the physical body. (similar to how your skin protects you on the physical level).

Your aura can have different colors depending on your spiritual and mental well-being, and can have a blend of colors. Its thickness can also differ from one person’s body to another, depending on their spiritual development.

Your aura is important because it plays a vital role in the energy exchange between you and the physical world around you (including people, animals, etc.) If you don’t take care of your energy center, you can lose vital life energy and become vulnerable to negative energy and health problems.

There appears to be a spiritual awakening going on around us, and a lot of talk about aura colors cleansing aura energy. With everything happening in the world today, it’s imperative we maintain a strong connection with divine guidance and keep our spiritual awareness in good health. 

How to Quickly Read Aura Colors

Since most people don’t own or have access to Kirlian cameras, you need to know how to read or sense aura colors in yourself and others. It’s not that hard to do – particularly if you meditate or practice regularly!

You can try my method below, or buy the book “What’s My Aura?” by Mystic Michaela to learn on your own.

If you’re trying my method, simply stand about 10′ away from the person you want to read. Then, relax your eyes and slowly squint until the subject becomes blurred but you can still see their outline. Let your eyes wander just to the edge of the outline, and focus your mind. Wait a few seconds, and you should start to see or sense a color or colors in the edges or beyond the outline.

I am extremely nearsighted, so this came fairly easy for me since the bodies are already blurred! But eventually, I learned to tune my senses into other people’s energies, and that energy started to show a color(s).

Practice makes this easier to do, and you’ll soon be able to sense colors almost immediately when you meet someone.

Aura colors of the rainbow surrounding a man whose arms are stretched out

What Are the Different Aura Colors & Aura Color Meaning of Each?​

There are many colors on the aura color spectrum, and your human aura color can change depending on your emotional state and surroundings. The main aura colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (think rainbow stripes!).  

A red aura associates with passion, energy, and strength. It can also mean anger or raw emotion. Red is the color of the root chakra, which is each person’s personal power center.  

An orange aura can mean enthusiasm, vitality, and creativity in addition to the reproductive organs. The color orange can also mean a high sex-drive or thrill-seeker, and occasionally an addiction to gambling, drugs, or alcohol.

Yellow auras are connected to the solar plexus chakra, and indicate intelligence, optimism and clarity. The color yellow is also associated with happiness and light-heartedness.

A green aura goes with the heart chakra, and shows balance, growth and healing. Occasionally green associates with jealousy and envy.

Blue aura colors can be light blue or even royal blue, and are associated with the throat chakra and communication, calm, and sensitivity. A muddy blue can also be tied to depression or mental anguish.

Indigo auras go with the crown chakra and are usually seen on highly psychic or spiritually sensitive people. They are associated with intuition, wisdom, and spirituality. 

Other aura color personality traits include: bright pink or magenta auras for love; turquoise can mean good fortune, loyalty, and friendliness. 

Sometimes you’ll find a black aura on people who are impaired emotionally, ill, depressed, or anxious. And a black aura may mean evil or soullessness.

The rarest aura is pure white. A white aura shows person who is balanced emotionally, spiritually connected, and physically healthy. This is rare because humans don’t typically possess all three traits at the same time!

How To Take Care of Your Aura

It’s important to regularly cleanse and take care of your aura. This may mean forming new habits or adopting new behavioral patterns. Keeping a clean aura ensures you don’t take on negative energies or feel emotionally or spiritually drained. You can clean your aura easily by doing the following:   

1) Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is key to keeping a clear and clean aura. Regardless of who you are or who you are with, be sure they are aware of your boundaries and demand they respect them. This will save your energy and keep negative and unwanted energies away.

There are several easy ways to set healthy boundaries. For example, stop going to places that overwhelm or drain you. Instead of immediately responding to emails, texts, or phone calls, take some time before answering them to ensure you are in a good place to formulate the proper response. If you’re uncomfortable with a certain person or group of people, stop spending time with them. 

None of these methods is difficult to implement, though you may encounter resistance to avoiding others—especially if the toxic people happen to be family! 

2) Use Cleansing and Protecting Crystals 

Crystals are packed with cleansing and protective energies, and there are crystals for virtually every purpose.

Using crystals to cleanse and protect your aura can be as easy as placing a particular one in your room or wearing it on a piece of jewelry. You can also carry them in your purse or in your pocket, and be sure to place them in the home as well as the workplace.

Excellent cleansing crystals include selenite, ametrine, emerald, and aquamarine. You’ll also want to keep protective crystals on hand to ensure the energies in your cleansing crystals stay safe and whole. Good protective crystals include black tourmaline, clear  crystal quartz, Tiger’s eye, amethyst, and citrine. 

herbal bath salts with roses, mint and rosemary for cleansing auras and enhancing aura colors

3) Recharge Your Energy

Like a battery, your body, mind, and soul need to be recharged. This is common—especially when you’ve been around too many people at a time or perhaps a needy or negative person. (I call them energy vampires!).

When this happens, take a warm bath with Epsom salts or take a nap. You might also try exercising, journaling, or taking a hike. Just spend some quiet, personal time with yourself, and apologize to no one for doing it!

4) Meditate Regularly

Meditation is probably the easiest and best way to cleanse and care for your aura. Just like aspirin is our go-to for aches and pains, meditation does so much for our physical and overall well-being!

Simply sit in silence and be still for awhile, and while you are clearing your mind, you’ll automatically ground yourself and cleanse your aura. You’ll also connect with divine energies that bring you peace and relaxation.

Aura Colors – In Conclusion

Your aura colors will change often throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. So be sure to keep your aura cleansed and practice reading others so you can quickly navigate their emotions and escape, if necessary!

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Body outlined with aura colors of the rainbow