The Best Power Crystals For Each Lunar Phase

Using power crystals to enhance and offset the effects of the lunar phases has been in practice since the beginning of time.

The moon is now and always has been particularly significant to civilization. In fact, ancient
cultures were very aware of the moon’s role and understood how these cycles impacted health, moods, and even personalities.

The moon’s cycles influence more than just our personal well-being, however. Lunar cycles affect the tides, crops, animals, and even planned events!

The moon is such a part of our lives that we need to know more about it and the many lunar cycles we experience each month. It’s also important to learn how these cycles can affect us!

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About the Cycles of the Moon

The moon revolves around Earth every 29.5 days, so we see it in various positions throughout the month.

During the 29.5 days, this planet will become a new moon, a full moon, and several other types during this time.

Each cycle has its own meaning and symbolism, in addition to a certain energy you might experience, which can impact women more than men. For example, many women get their monthly cycles during a new or full moon, which is one reason the moon has always been associated with feminine energy.

The moon is also associated with wisdom, change, emotions, intuition, creativity, etc.

This means that, depending on the lunar cycle, you have the opportunity each month to become attuned to and connect with your inner self on a different level.

What Are Power Crystals?

Power crystals are minerals that hold energy and are used for various purposes. Many people believe certain crystals have various attributes and healing properties.

These particular crystals can eliminate negative energies or promote positive or healing energies. Some crystals help you dream, while others help you sleep or manifest desires.

Many lightworkers and spiritual practitioners use power crystals during healing sessions to help their patients and protect themselves.

So this is why we associate power crystals with the lunar cycles and use them to keep ourselves emotionally balanced and spiritually centered during each phase.

The Moon Cycles and Their Power Crystals

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1. The New Moon

This is the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon starts building intensity and form. When the moon sits directly between the Earth and the Sun, the side of the moon facing the Earth is dark because it doesn’t get any direct sunlight.

You won’t see any moon in the sky during the new moon phase, which lasts approximately three days. During the new moon, you’ll want to start exploring new opportunities and creative ideas while setting intentions for the rest of the month.

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The best power crystals to use during the new moon cycle include moonstone, quartz, amethyst, and citrine.

At the start of the new moon, place these crystals around your home or workspace and meditate or program your intentions into them.

2. The Waxing Crescent

The waxing crescent reflects the very dim glow from the sun, which shows on Earth as a slight sliver on the right side of the moon.

This is the second phase of the lunar cycle, during which there is a natural upsurge of the moon’s energy. It represents new growth, hope, and a renewed sense of direction and motivation.

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This is the phase to start focusing on how to achieve your goals and start mapping the necessary steps.

This is also when you should strengthen your resolve and determination. And the crystals for this renewed strength are all green (like growth) – like jade, moss agate, green opal, and green aventurine.

3. The First Quarter and Power Crystals

This phase is also called the half-moon. It represents growing strength, commitment, and determination.

During this phase, try to stay committed to your plan even if you start having doubts about it.

Power crystals for the first quarter moon include the tiger’s eye and carnelian, and possessing them can help keep one on course.

4. The Waxing Gibbous Phase

The waxing gibbous happens when the moon is almost halfway through its cycle. This is the time right before your plans are about to move forward.

Blue stones called sodalite

It is the perfect time to become very mindful and start meditating on your goals and dreams. This will allow you to clarify your intentions and manifest your heart’s desires.

The power crystals for the waxing gibbous phase include howlite, fluorite, and sodalite.

5. Best Power Crystals for The Full Moon

This is a very important phase of the moon, as it’s when our natural traits and emotions can become extreme. The moon emits a lot of energy at this time, and we can use this energy to gain clarity about what’s working and what’s not working in our lives.

The full moon is the perfect time to let go of things that have expired, including relationships, goals that aren’t being met, and decluttering. It’s also a great time to practice gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished in your life so far.

During a full moon, you want to use healing and balancing crystals like rose quartz, shungite, chrysocolla, or howlite to soak up any excess lunar energy around you.

6. Waning Gibbous

The waning gibbous is the phase when the bright light of the moon begins to dim. This is a great time to reflect and release stress in addition to getting rid of negative energies or influences in your life.

purple lepidolite crystals

It’s also a good time to acknowledge your recent achievements and celebrate them!

The best power crystals for this phase include amazonite, polychrome jasper, and lepidolite.

7. Third Quarter Phase

This important phase represents harvesting what you have sowed during the new moon and setting things up for new manifestations. This is the phase you want to select crystals that can help you figure out what is coming next.

Some great power crystals for the third quarter moon phase include Tibetan quartz, scolecite, and fluorite.

8. The Waning Crescent

This last moon cycle is another sliver of the planet. It differs from the waxing crescent in that the moon’s visible part is rounded on the left side of the planet instead of the right.

pink rhodochrosite stones

The waning crescent cycle is the time to rest, journal, review, and learn new skills for the next lunar cycle.

Some great power crystals for this phase are rose quartz, rhodonite, unakite, and rhodochrosite.

Read more about power crystals and which ones help you with creativity and confidence here!

In Summary

So now you know about which power crystals are best for each of the lunar cycles! It’s time to let them guide you through each phase to bring balance, peace, harmony, and new growth into your life.

And please don’t forget to share this information with your spiritual-minded and moon-loving friends!

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