10 of the Best Confidence and Creativity Crystals

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best confidence and creativity crystals. I’m not only going to show you my go-to favorites, but today I’m going to teach you how to find your own!

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Are You a Crystal Lover & Don’t Know Even It?

Historically speaking, people have used crystals as powerful tools for confidence, creativity, and much more for many years. Some people think our obsession with crystals is suspect, but it’s hard to ignore that most of us have ties to these gems throughout our daily lives.

For example: do you like to wear jewelry made with your birthstone? Or do you pick up pretty stones or heart-shaped rocks from the beach?

Are you a gardener who adds rocks to your garden for paths or to add organically interesting elements or designs? If so, did you know that rocks are comprised of crystals?

Today, people are awakening with a desire to reconnect with the earth and the energy it exudes. We enjoy nature hikes and grounding our energies by walking barefoot in the garden. We unconsciously pick up rocks and buy gems because they make us feel better too.

These beautiful crystals are just one way to bring inner peace, confidence, new ideas, and creative energy into our daily life. And below are some of my personal favorite confidence and creativity crystals that I use constantly.

How Do I Pick My Confidence and Creativity Crystals?

There are no rules that say you can only use a particular crystal for a certain reason. In other words, selecting your crystal for your specific intention is a personal choice.

Whenever I need emotional support, mental focus, or help with creative expression, I head to my crystal collection. There are many ways to choose a powerful stone to bring high vibrations to my intention, and today I’m sharing how I choose mine.

So if you want to select amazing crystals for whatever difficult situations you face, please try my way! Please bear with me if it moves you out of your comfort zone. I really think you’ll find it’s one of the easiest ways to pick a great crystal. Good luck!

My Method for Choosing Confidence and Creativity Crystals

This method works for whatever your intention is, not just confidence and creativity crystals. All you need to do is set your intention firmly in your mind and follow my easy instructions below. It helps if you form your intention into a question (ie what is the best crystal for me to use today so I can be my best creative self in the studio?).

Once I have my intention in place, I choose my crystal(s) by simply taking my non-dominant hand (palm down) and waving it slowly over the stones.

An open palm hovering over an assortment of best confidence and creativity crystals

My open palm actually “senses” the stone’s energy field, and when I feel it, I know that particular stone connects with my current intention. This sensation is hard to describe, but imagine a slight “zing” in the center of the palm.

You’ll find you don’t get this sensation for every stone – only the one(s) you need at that time. The key is to set a clear intention or goal before using the open palm method to select a stone.

For example, if I want to see which stone or stones will enhance my confidence and creativity at that moment, I use my open palm. And just like that, I have chosen the perfect crystal to boost my confidence or invite more creative ideas into my session.

Is it magic? I can’t say. But I do know it works for me every single time.

If you don’t want to try my way, there are lots of books and literature out there describing the best confidence and creativity crystals. Check in with your Self and find what works best for you.

What Are The Best Confidence and Creativity Crystals?

The most common confidence and creativity stones that every crystal book refers to include citrines, amethysts, and garnets.

And for creativity crystals, some common ones are blue lace agate, turquoise, moonstone, and labradorite.

All of these work!

But don’t short-change yourself from trying a different crystal if that’s what you’re drawn to. Confidence and creativity crystals vary for each individual and can change daily.

HINT: The best confidence and creativity crystals are the ones that make you feel more self-assured and/or creative – WHEN YOU NEED THEM THE MOST!

If you have a group of crystals and feel one is “crying out to you,” then you know that is the crystal you must choose. Trust the process and your own intuition — you KNOW. Don’t let your mind overrule your sense of knowing.

Set the intention and the emotion you want a crystal for, then go to your crystal collection and “feel” the one that is right for you.

And don’t be surprised if you pick more than one stone — several could be calling out to you!

(SEE how to use affirmations here)

My Favorite Confidence and Creativity Crystals

It’s not easy to pick “favorite” stones to help with a lack of confidence or assist with creative endeavors. After all, so many unique crystals boost confidence or summon the creative muse.

But I have some favorite crystals whenever I have low self-confidence or work on new creative projects. Here are some of those favorites – and note that some do double duty for both confidence and creativity!

Rose quartz crystal is said to be one of the best confidence and creativity crystals


Rose quartz is one of the crystals I use the most. This beautiful pink stone has so much positive energy and never fails to increase energy levels. It gives me confidence and boosts my self-esteem, and it is a permanent fixture in my studio whenever I want creative inspiration.

When I’m having a bad day or an important meeting I need help with, I will even sleep with a small rose quartz stone underneath my pillow. I swear it makes me feel clear and ready to take on the day when I wake up in the morning.

And when I want inspiration, I pick up the sphere above and hold it in my hands. It always gives my creativity an energetic boost!

Rose quartz works with the heart chakra and is known as the stone of unconditional love. People often wear this crystal as a pendant necklace to keep it close to the heart.

Rose quartz promotes healthy and harmonious relationships, raises self-esteem, enhances your creative genius, and encourages self-love.

Black tourmaline quartz crystal.


This is another personal favorite of mine! Black tourmaline repels negative energies and cleanses the aura to restore balance to all chakras.

It brings inner strength, clears stagnant energy, and improves concentration, all of which help you feel better. Black tourmaline is excellent for low self-esteem and is a great stone for establishing your inner power by dispelling negative feelings.

When you feel better and have upbeat energy, you automatically begin to feel more confident. Black tourmaline is helpful with all the chakras, so it’s a handy stone to keep in your crystal toolbox.

This photo of the black tourmaline is from my personal collection. I love how the black crystal mixes with the clear quartz crystal; it reminds me of a tuxedo!

I keep this stone on my work desk for mental clarity and to let go of negativity. Black tourmaline is another go-to crystal whenever I need help with stressful situations or am struggling.

Chunk of raw amazonite is light greenish blue and reported to be one of the best confidence and creativity crystals


This powerful crystal is associated with the heart and throat chakras and is a beautiful bluish-green stone. Because it works with the throat chakra, this is the stone I use when I need to find the confidence to speak up for myself.

It’s another stone I keep in my art studio because it helps me feel more creative.

Amazonite also helps with your psychic abilities and can help you remember things from the past.

a blue Lapis lazuli carved angel and a brown tigers eye sphere


Two more of my favorite crystals for confidence and creativity are lapis lazuli and tiger’s eye. Both of these stones propel you to have the courage to be your true self and are excellent in helping you achieve your creative goals. 

Lapis lazuli helps you feel mentally clear and make decisions when stuck. It also gives you the confidence to say whatever you need, even when it’s a difficult thing to do. This stone is a protective one, and it also encourages you to be daring and original.  

Tigers eye is a mesmerizing stone that gives you courage and strength. Whenever you feel you need personal power, know this stone of courage is there to protect you. Combined with lapis lazuli, you’re divinely protected and fearless, so use this stone for a job or gallery interview or whenever you feel low confidence.

clear crystals on a table - one has leather laced around it with coins and beads hanging off the leather.


Clear quartz crystals can also help you with your confidence and creativity. It amplifies energy while helping with mental clarity. It’s also a powerful helper in overcoming self-doubt and fears, making you fearless when you need it the most.

Bring clear quartz into your studio to bring positive energy to your space and aura. Use it to “channel” your creative muse and let the powers radiate their vibrations into your work.

A carnelian stone in raw form


The beautiful carnelian has so many attributes that it should be a staple in everyone’s crystal toolbox! It’s a high-energy stone that motivates and restores vitality and brings out creativity and hidden talents.

This stone gives you the self-confidence you need to sell your latest masterpiece or approach a gallery owner to review your portfolio. It also helps you overcome procrastination and aids in making decisions.

It focuses on your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, so use it whenever you feel ungrounded or light-headed.

a raw piece of lepidolite crystal


This lovely purply lavender stone clears blockages while bringing you cosmic awareness. It’s THE perfect crystal if you’re experiencing creative burnout and need help to unblock your creativity.

Lepidolite also helps if you’ve been having obsessive thoughts and reduces stress and depression.

It’s particularly helpful for writers, digital designers, or anyone sitting in front of a computer all day as it absorbs electromagnetic energy.

Wear lepidolite if you want to feel independent or achieve a specific goal, and allow it to help you balance your emotions. This will assist with your confidence too!

A green and white double-pointed crystal of moss agate stone


It is said there are left-brained people and right-brained ones. Creatives are often a bit of both though they usually lean more right or left (and I’m not talking politics here!).

Moss agate helps correct imbalances and mood swings with creatives who may be wired too much to the left or right with their way of thinking (again, not political here).

This lovely stone is strongly connected with Mother Earth and will help you feel safe and secure while giving you confidence. It’s tied to the heart and root chakra, so bring it out when you need to focus or sharpen your creative mind or are feeling insecure.

A raw crystal called Prehnite with light green and white colors


Also known as the healing stone of “unconditional love,” this stone is known to connect us with Universal energy and encourages us to declutter our lives.

By releasing what no longer serves us in our mental, emotional, and well as physical space, we are opening the channels to bring new opportunities and people. In return, we are blessed with inner peace and harmony in our space.

This stone is particularly helpful for a studio of unsold art or works in progress. Get organized and see how easily new ideas come to you!

Final Thoughts on The Best Confidence and Creativity Crystals

So today I’ve shared my favorite confidence and creativity crystals and even provided you with my bonus fool-proof way of picking them out!

In closing, I hope you rely on your intuition and internal voice to help you find your best confidence and creativity crystals.

Remember, they may vary from day to day, so don’t panic if you’re not “feeling” the rose quartz crystal right now. Your crystal needs will change over time and what you need for a situation or certain day will also vary.

Just listen to your thoughts and pick what’s best for you, and know you hold the power within your Self to choose your best crystals!

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