Natural Recommendations for Acid Stomach

Here are some of the products I use to naturally get a more alkaline environment for my body, which helps curb the acid reflux and stomach issues. I’ve been using them for the past year and they’ve made a huge difference in the way I feel.

This coupled with dietary changes will help make you feel better soon. They’re worth trying out before going to more costly and invasive physical testing…..of course if they don’t work, see your doctor and follow her instructions!! But I’d definitely try this out.

I’ve had stomach issues for most of my life, and been through so many tests – the juices and pro-biotics help better than any pill I’ve taken, and there aren’t any side effects. Plus eating a cleaner, greener diet makes me feel better all over.


Be sure to use the organic celery vs. regular (chemicals!) – Whole Foods actually has pretty decent pricing on theirs. And start slowly – the Medical Medium suggests 32 ounces of pure celery juice at a time, but if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to start with maybe 8 ounces (a whole stalk of celery should give you around 16 ounces).

You can save the pulp and put it in your garden – it’s great for mulch. And the juice bags clean up easily – just make sure you clean them right after using them. If you allow them to dry, you’ll need to soak them in hot water to “unclog” the openings in the material.

Skip the coffee on the empty stomach and do the celery juice instead. Wait about half an hour before eating or drinking anything else. If you absolutely have to save some of the juice until later, try using mason jars with air-tight lids. I use both the 8-oz and the 16-oz jars – you can store the juice in them and drink from them!

Hope this helps with the acid tummy — see you next year!!

For A Creative New Year, Check These Out!!

The high flow colors as you know are amazing, and come in various sets. The one book I highly recommend on color blending and color theory is listed below by Kelley Wynne. She uses colors from the Golden Set of paints that is next to the icon below.

Also the Nutribullet blender comes in quite a few colors and the one I got has the smoothie “to-go” cups and lids which is handy. But not 100% necessary – I’ve been just throwing a straw in the blender and using it that way 🙂